So why should you bother to stretch?

Anyone who has ever entered into a conversation with me will possibly tell you I am a bit of a stretch bore! I am passionate about stretching.

Why? Because its simple, effective and makes you feel great!

Stretching is great for

  • ❤Increasing flexibility
  • ❤Increasing our joints range of motion
  • ❤improving our performance in physical activities
  • ❤increasing blood flow to your muscles
  • ❤Improving your posture
  • ❤Helping to heal and prevent muscular pain
  • ❤Is great for stress relief
  • ❤Can calm your mind

It doesn’t have to be complicated. I have found over my career that simplicity is always best. As humans we like to complicate but to get effective results its always best to simplify.

I am not a sports person so I don’t have to stretch!

Wrong! Stretching has benefits for everyone at any age!

This morning you got out of bed (I presume) and you missed this miracle. This incredible thing happens every single movement you take. In fact every function that involves a muscle, whether you consciously decide to move or your even your heartbeats.

When you move an enormous chemical reaction occurs and BANG! your receptors fire that causes a chain reaction and hundreds of thousands of fibers contract. They in consequence heave and a contraction occurs that allows movement or even LIFE….and you took it for granted.

We walk around in this ingenious body and the only time we become aware is when feel it fails us.

Remember that muscles can only contract. So in general they work in pairs or groups. So to stretch one muscle you are actually contracting its buddy or buddies.


Just the fact that you exist in outstanding and YOU deserve to SHINE!

It is what you do on consistently that gets your results. If you had an expensive car you probably wouldn’t fill it up with cheap fuel. You probably would polish it a lot and take pride in its very existence.

So there is You. You are a thoroughbred, you deserve to be treated well be others but most importantly BY YOURSELF! That doesn’t mean preening yourself in the mirror but by keeping hydrated, deep breathing exercises, eating a balanced diet as you can. Moving when possible and Stretching

We are naturally developed to stretch, babies will naturally stretch after sleep to prep the body. Its just habit and routine that stops this natural urge to feel connected to self.

There are lots of types of stretching

  • Static – holding a position for a period of time
  • Ballistic – bouncing stretch not as used as it used to be as you need good control for this one
  • Dynamic moving stretches where you go into stretch hold for 2 sec
  • Passive is where you are taken into a stretch by somebody else
  • PNF Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation is a advance technique used by therapists to aid correction in the body
  • STR Static release like PNF but a in a different modulation
  • Most people are aware of three Dynamic, ballistic and static.

5 tips to stretching

  1. You only need 10 mins a day
  2. Do it everyday to feel a benefit. You could do stretching every time you boil a kettle for your cuppa tea! It all adds up
  3. If you do 10 mins everyday you will have archived over 59 hours in a year!
  4. Listen to your body! Only go to where you feel the stretch. If your body is screaming at you give a break we are not a believer of the whole no pain no gain theory.
  5. Hold a stretch for at least 30 sec to 60 sec if you are doing a static

You can stretch anywhere. Yes I do… I am often seen stretching in public… what else can you do whilst your queuing!

Stay safe Alex