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I believe in simple. Simple can have impact in ways that can sometimes be unimaginable.

Which is why I have done V-books, they are simple way to impact your life and get to grips with the foundations of wellness.

Simply Stretching

You know the benefits of stretching!

You know that you should stretch after your workout.

You don’t have the time or can’t think of what to do?

You have heard your therapist ( probably me!) Going on and on about how stretching will help.

Then Welcome a Solution:

Simple stretching from rejuvinate

Stretching is amazing for mind and body. For me Its an active form of meditation

Alex Woolf

In this Vbook you will find simple routines based between 10 and 15 min that could have a significant impact on your wellness. They are designed in body groups like back or shoulders. Or for after running or cycling. To take the pressure off of “what should I do next”.

Myofascial tissue is the connective tissue. It is the thread that runs through every aspect of your body. Your body needs movement to prevent it stiffing. Stretching will help lubrication.

Stress reduction

Regular stretching promotes Stress reduction

Aids reduction of DOMS

Delayed onset muscle soreness is significantly improved by stretching.

Stretching increases your flexibility

Increases joint mobility

Your body is designed to stretch it prepares the body for and soothes after movement. As babies we natural have the in

More than a Vbook. This is more than a book this is a system. When you buy this book you get a chance to join the Facebook stretching support group. Each month I will be in the group to offer advice on any issues you have, the group is designed to be supportive and kind. This is a book where you can get direct support for your needs.

You can ask for help and get support from other members as well as my library of knowledge i have accumulated over almost three decades in the wellness industry.

Simply Stretching

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