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So your a mum, your on a plane and the emergency lights have just gone off. Chaos is all around you and the oxygen masks are falling from the celling. Now you listened to the safety demo at the start of your flight… however if your like me you know damn well that you will be making sure your family is safe and putting on there masks first even if your life is at risk because the reality is, I think parents put themselves last. I think in my few years I have been on the planet most Mums are hard weird for being last in the pecking order and high on guilt! So as openers that may seem a little dramatic but I feel that mums are awful at self care. In my own experience once I became a mum I found it hard to remember even the basic things I wanted to do let alone enjoyed!

So WHY is this important? If you don’t value yourself enough to take basic steps to look after yourself because of being too this or too that. what message are you sending to your children? Lets forget the fact that self care is about wellness and wellness is about not just your physical health but your mental health and in my opinion about your very essence That you don’t matter that they wont matter when they get older that being an adult is complete drudgery.

When it comes to self care and self awareness I know how difficult I have found trying to prioritise the basics of looking after me when I felt I had so many pulls on my time and rare resources. Before kids I could often be heard quoting ” if you don’t look after yourself then who will be there to look after the ones you love when you can’t” However when my life was added to by my twins it felt like I hit a brick wall and hundred miles an hour. I knew how to look after my aches and pains but still found it so hard to do my stretches, drink my water and care for me. I had put myself so far down the order I was a speck. But I learnt a hard lesson and what I learnt was that when I gave myself time to eat ell, hydrate and do exercises and self massage or even better return to regular treatments my family responded in a positive manner. I found tiny moments for me which meant I was better for them!

It was a very tough road but it lead to me hopefully being able to help and support you. I learnt about post partum care ( I also learnt that once your body has been post pregnancy it always is!). I learnt about mindfulness and cemented easier ways to hydrate and stretch. How to return my body to a happier functioning being. I studied Baby and kids yoga and story massage to enable you to do exercise that is great for building both strength and flexibility but also have fun with your kids and connect in a deeper way.

So if you want hands on treatments or online support. 1-2 or group care just let me know what your struggling with and lets support you to get you to the wellness you deserve.

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