Using a number of massage therapies from sports, deep tissue, trigger points to aromatherapy and hot stone this treatment offers a bespoke person centred treatment.

Designed to relax, rejuvenate and aid recovery

This treatment has many benefits as massage has been shown to aid recovery from muscular injury to  improving  stress responses.

I have clients who have felt it has aided them in stress relief, range of motion increases and could help in restorative processes in the body.

I am qualified to perform a wide variety of therapies and each treatment we will use the best of those modalities in your unique treatment plan. This is a treatment with you at the heart of it which makes it unique to you.

In an ideal world we would look to work together on a number of treatment extending  time between sessions until we either get the results you wanted or continue in a regular treatment plan. It is not unusual to see changes within three sessions

60 Sensory


The 60 sensory is a great addition to your treatment as its main concern is one of rebalance and relaxation.


With this exclusive restful and restorative treatment we use relaxing  scents and lighting  with a mixture of hot stone massage and aromatherapy to aid your relaxation as sense of luxury .


This is truly putting you at the heart of the treatment and giving you a moment of luxury and indulgence at home.


Scar Work

A hourly treatment designed to aid the healing of scars. Did you know it takes TWO years for a scar to mature

In that time the scar can pull on healthy tissue distort you connective tissue, form adhesions and impact on other parts of your body.

In this surprising treatment we will tentatively assist your scar on its healing path. Clients have reported ease of movement, a sense of “freeing up” and a decreation of discomfort or even stimulation of nerve response.


Wellness sessions

Whether online 1-2-1 wellness sesions or group classes join me to enhance your wellness and discuss the wellbeing issues that are hampering  you.

What is causing imbalane in your world? 

Is there a tool in my box that can help you unlock your equalibruim


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