Saturday morning dawned and pain was my alarm call

This morning I woke in pain. Yep that thing that I help people navigate. I HATE admitting I get pain. Because of my job I labored under the very stupid illusion that as I try to help people I shouldn’t suffer with pain. I mean how STUPID. It made me feel embarrassed to confess that I picked up a sports injury or that I didn’t recover from childbirth as quickly as my inner critic thought I should.

The reality is I am human

I am a human being having a human experience and pain is apart of that woven blanket that depicts life.

Pain in its purest essence is actually trying to be our friend.

It’s our protection. It’s like your friend who’s telling you bad news but instead of dealing with the issue we want to shoot the messenger! It’s just sometimes it gets too loud or too aggressive and needs help to be controlled like a toddler on a meltdown.

So this morning I awoke and attempted to move and in my head I heard “oh S*** I can’t move. Followed by my inner critic say “some therapist you are can’t even get out of bed without pain. How the hell are you ever going to help people!“ It was not quite the zen start I was hoping for….So after a few moments of wallowing I decided to challenge myself. “ You have a vast tool box get yourself out of this predicament!”

As I love a challenge I spent a good twenty minutes self massaging, working on trigger points and stretching. My muscles eased by colon relaxed and ah bliss the pain eased from an eight out of ten to a two! A blissful manageable two.

Learning about you is so vital not just for pain control but also your wellness.

So here are my top three tips for helping navigate your muscular pain

  1. Breathe. Really yes I want you to breathe. With intention and actually connect to your body and your mind. Slow full amazing breaths that fill and expand your lungs.
  2. Hydrate. Ideally water. Check how much fluid your taking on board. The simple step of just valuing yourself enough to hydrate it can be a game changer. That being said I don’t want you to down a two litre bottle of water straight out off. I want you to take stock of what you drink then add 250mls every week. Yes every week. Let’s treat your body to allowing it to trust in you and that it can rely on you to enhance its operational functions.
  3. Stretch. Also a natural need of our bodies that is ignored by many but stretching in its simplest form is the equivalent of you wringing out a cloth when your cleaning. It make the cloth more efficient.

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