Hey there, are you in pain and feeling fed up?

 Are you searching the internet looking for a solution? 

 You’re at that point in your life where you want to be out, enjoying yourself, but your body has other ideas. 

 Chronic pain, headaches, aches and pains, stiffening, sports injuries, or maybe just a feeling that your body isn’t working as well as it could.

 You’ve seen an assortment of professionals and listened to their advice. 

 Tried all sorts of ‘magic solutions’ and none of them worked or their benefits didn’t last. 

 You’re starting to wonder if you’ll just have to learn to live with this pain.

 You’re not sure what else to try.

Which has lead you here today. 

 Well, the good news is that you’re in the right place and I want to start by telling you that you can take back control, learn to ease or even remove that pain and feel empowered and fabulous. 

 Sound good?

 There is no magic pill to take, no empty promises, no uncertainty. 

 There is just me, showing you how to aid your healing and help yourself from the comfort of your own home. 

 Sound good?

 What if you could stop pain before it started?

 What if you could manage chronic pain so it didn’t hold you back?

 What if you could feel great in your body?


Let me introduce you to my Wellness Session with a difference.


These online sessions will help you say goodbye to pain, but also give you the techniques and tools to keep pain at bay in the future. 

How do they work?

We chat about why you need my help, the pain you’re struggling with, and your lifestyle. I will then teach you different massage techniques, trigger point methods, and a range of exercises and stretches to help with your specific condition. 

We will work through them so you are confident to use the techniques yourself and understand the benefits of them for your pain.

You can then start to use these at home, meaning that you can stop the pain in its tracks when it starts or flares up. 

It doesn’t matter if your pain is chronic or acute, old or new. We can work together in your session to create a bespoke plan to help you. 

Now, you might wonder if these techniques can really help you at home, without hands-on treatment, but they really do. I’ve been working with people with a range of different conditions who have seen massive shifts and changes with this online method, plus you get help without having to leave the house!

And, I’m always at the end of a message or an email if you have any questions about our session or the treatments I show you. 



Consultation is so important in any process this is your chance to be heard.



Learning good exercises in mobility, stretching and strengthening and give your simple steps to enpowerment.


Self massage

Learning self massage has many important factors for our bodies to aid re-balance. Touch is such a important part of being human but how many times do you care for yourself. woulkd you even know what to do to realease tension.  Have a chat with me and you will aquire the skills you need to help your self.


Its about you

These sessions are about you. The most important person in your world. If you don’t care for yourself you will not be able to give to the people you love. The people you love and care for deserve to be around  YOU at your shining best.

A few weeks ago I started having pain in my right shoulder, the lower part of my neck and the top of my shoulder. I used a heat pad on itbut after three weeks it wasnt any better so I contacted Alex who phoned me and we talked through the problem. She sent me a short video of exercises for me to follow. The video I recieved of Alex doing the exercises were very easy to understand. I have been doing them and the area feels much better. I really appreciate the help.

GoesRuth Tenner

It Simply worked!

Thank you…..

Val Witham

I highly recommend Alex as a therapist. I had a online consultation with Alex for a lower back tightness, I have suffered with for years. It was very reassuring to speak to such a knowledgeable therapist who ios genuinely caring, intuative and compassionate. I followed Alex’s selfcare advice and exercises and within a week ,i noticed reslutsand a reduction in pain. For me Alexs’ understanding of how emotional experiences affect our body and cause pain, alos her kindness at helping empower your inner strength is a unique skill which she naturally posseses  and enhances her practise to a very high level

Gill Jarrett

Why work with me?

Hi, I’m Alex and I’m a complementary and clinical massage therapist specialising in pain management, which means I can help you learn how to manage or even remove that pain you’re struggling with. 

I know what it’s like to be in pain and so I’ve made it my mission to help others break free from its debilitating effects on our lives.

I’ve worked with clients struggling with pregnancy-related pain, through all stages of their lives to the menopause and beyond.

As we grow and evolve so do our bodies and sometimes we end up with pain and discomfort we simply can’t deal with.

My techniques not only help you manage or end the pain, but they also give you tools and techniques you can use in the future to make sure your body is in the best shape, meaning pain and injury are less likely.

 I’d love to help you through my Wellness Session with a difference and help you make those changes you’re longing to make.





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