rejuvenate @ Home

So can’t fit in hands on therapy?

Want advice and how to but hate the idea of touch therapy?

Want to add extra support to your current treatments?

So this is the place for you!

We all know how hectic it is to try to fit in “me time”!. That old elusive watch word banded around these days of self care.

Great idea if you didn’t have the whole world demanding everything of you right in this moment. I get it, time flies past at hyper speed some days and you still don’t know what you just did or what you should be doing. Well this is for you…..

Or does the idea of someone touching you seam just beyond the pale. Everyone tells you its great. You will feel amazing. But you just want to run for the hills!

Getting advice, so you can take control should just be easier… Well this is the place for you…..

Love your treatments. Feel incredible afterwards but just want more to supplement your investment. Want to capitalize on aiding your wellbeing as much as possible well this is for you….

V Books

So want to either tip your toe in the water or supplement your knowledge. Then these simple techniques and how to video books are a great investment in you and giving you the opportunity to find routine and self care.

121 online wellness consults

Not sure hands touch therapy is for you. Want specific advice on your wellness and issues but don’t want the holistic therapy that goes with it. In these self care consultations I will guide you through stretches, breathing routines, mindfulness and self massage routines to suit you. Not a generic how to this is for you about you. the consultation follows a pre assessment so we can get the moist from the time we spend together plus follow ups as required to check your progress and outcomes. This is the future of holistic therapy


A three tired system with different levels going from group support to 121 advice. through to a combination of touch therapy and online support.


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