What others say

Don’t take my word for it. here are some of the comments my clients have madfe about working with me in the past tweny somethging years and how I have supported the journeys tyhey have taken to rebalnce there own wellness


I’ve never met a therapist who is so knowledgeable and accomplished as Alex. Shes like a walking encycolpedia and drom deep spoirts massge to reflexology …look nowhere else

Julie Cooper

If you want first class treatment by an incredibly skilled and intuitive therapist then look no further. After many years of trusting the dedication and insight that is applied to my treatments by Alex, I simply would never go anywhere else. Totally awesome and very highly recommended  Advanced settings.

Tom Barber

I saw Alex for years – she was the best therapist I had ever been to. Sadly, I had to move away, and I have still never found anyone who matches up to her, after many years of trying. Highly recommended to anyone who is lucky enough to live near her!

Susan Peworie

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