If your cup is not full…

If your cup is not full then its a simple equation….. YOu simply will not function at the level you not only desire but alsoDESERVE.

If you don’t take care of you then not only will you not be able to do all the tasks you need to do and the people you care about but also you will not have the capacity to do all those dream wants and desires….

You are a star… literally you are comprised of stardust….. YOU deserve to shine to fully embody your skin and SHINE to life your purpose and feel happiness, love and most importantly SELF WORTH.

I hate self care

I hate the terminology of self care its wrong a bath in bubbles in self care its personal hygiene! Self care is the latest watch word in what in my opinion should be the very corners of you health routine. That is your physical and mental health. 

Simple steps you can do to allow your essence to shine and thrive…..

We are all unique beings who will find different things to help us shine.

For some its silence and alone time to process, others exercise for me its treatments like massage and audiobooks and something that really makes me laugh….. Find your routines, find your rituals the things that uniquely connect you to you and shine!