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Alex woolf clinical massage therapist

Hi I am Alex and I believe in educating and empowering people so they can support themselves. I believe in the principle of simplicity and the body and minds need for balance. Techniques and understanding of humans has been constantly evolving and here I get to impart knowledge to empower you. I believe in you

In recent times many industries have had to turn to new methods to care and serve there communities. Which is why I have turned to offering therapist led self care sessions

Led Virtual wellness sessions

Using a vast libary of knowledge and supporti can now offer you specific driven self care that is easy to undertand and get you the results you need. I have always bvelieved in the self care part of my therapies. Its that bit at the end when you have had your treatment and you get told to do a bit of stretching por an exercise or two. And because thetherapist is rushed for tiem or you didnt get the chance to ask the questions you never bothered to put in practise what was asked ogf you.

Well now that changes this is a session completely dedicated to you. The whole of you. What do you need right now. This is more than just a listening session this is about empowering you to get great results whether you have an injury or condition that needs assistance. This time is about a thorough consultation and giving you easy simple techniques and tools for you thrive in the outcomes you want to achieve. Based on the Jing advanced school of massage we will take a journey over six weeks to helpyou achieve your outcomes.

Group classes

Following themes of either headaches or fibromialgia, chronic fatigue through to running recovery

Over six weeks you will not only get support from me but also your classmates as we delve into an overall understanding of the given theme

Book a free Discovery consultation today.

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