Is your psychology affecting your back pain?

So your psychology may be effecting your muscles more than your aware.

Did you know that your emotion and physical reactions are stored within your muscle memory. Every action and reaction has a parasympathetic memory link. Even back in time, traditional Chinese medicine has evidence of these psychological reactions being connected down to physical phenomena in the body. For example if you are said to have the world on your shoulders then you would expect someone to have tight shoulders.In the case of anger you are said to be “liverish“ which an emotion Traditional Chinese Medicine connects to the liver.

Often people can have deep release of emotion when receiving treatments, this a good healing reaction of release of emotional memory.Trauma can be stored in the body for years, even decades. Or you can start to become aware of discomfort in your body without consciously being aware of stress in your life.

Some TCM mapped out emotional zones examples

  • Shoulders connected to outside pressure.
  • Between the shoulders internal analyzing
  • Kidneys are connected to a sense of fear
  • Lower back pain is associated with a lack of grounding or feelings of uncertainty / lack of direction.

Whether it is body or mind ourselves are always giving clues to any discord or dis-ease within our systems. The object for the owner is to being able to listen to them and act accordingly to bring harmony to the whole.

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Stay safe Alex