Has lock down given you a pain in the Bum?

Has lock down given you a pain in the bum? Yep or the shoulder, leg not to mention that annoying headache?


from the joy of working from home or schooling the kids ( or in our case getting the kids through another day!) The new exercise routine or worse the lack of exercise routine. The comfort eating, lack of sleep or stress and worry that surrounds our current existence.

What can I do to help you I hear you say …… I can’t give you hands on treatment but guess what, I am more than my hands!

At the start of this pandemic I had know idea how I was going to help my amazing clients and how I was going to keep my business a float. Then this amazing thing happened.

The fore runners in my industry embraced technology and went online.

Online! are you kidding me!

Online! how the hell will that help me. I love my treatments!

Using online and now the ability to offer social distance I can impart sessions where we go through what is happening with you. Working together we will unravel the issues you are facing in your wellness and strive for big breakthroughs

Unlike hands on treatment what you gain from therapy led sessions is knowledge and empowerment. It means that you end up with a bank of information specific for you and the abilities to help yourself.

So how are you?

  • Are you working from home? Cramped on to a small desk attempting to work without being distracted by the household?
  • Are you trying to stay calm through the joys of home schooling and happiness that comes with being in close proximity to the ones you love.
  • How are you shoulders, back, neck and even bum?
  • Have you been enjoying a new exercise routine and over worked those legs?
  • Would you like to sleep better, feel less anxious ?
  • Would you like to learn how to massage yourself or even better get someone in your house to give you a treatment that lasts more than five minuets?
  • Are you trying to work and having constant interruptions and feeling your stress levels going up?
  • Are you getting bored with online quizzes and what some more pamper time with your friends?

I can help.

Virtual wellness sessions

So after initial consultation we will evaluate your needs and make a plan of ten to fifteen min self care routine that you can use to support yourself and we cater for your needs and adapting as we follow your progress

We can work on the Jing protocols of fix in six where we would aim to see initial reduction at around week three.

We will look at varied techniques like Myofascial, different stretches, core exercises, hydration, trigger point therapy and self massage. You will gain self optimisation. Adapting to your needs and growth.

Group sessions

In group classes we will tackle different subjects like sleep, menopuase, Plantar fasciatius, lower back pain, headaches. stress

Six week classes that will englighten and support you.

Online workshops.

Gather your friends and get to enjoy each others company  without leaving the home. Your workshop your choice.

From skin care to foot care not to mention simple back massage. Just because your home it doesn’t mean you can’t feel pampered!

So to leave to I want to give you

5 wellness tips

#1 stay hydrated! For you to function well your body needs fluid, water ideally but if we can get you to drink non alcoholic drinks then you will feel amazing

#2 Breath – yes you read that right breath. Slow deep connected breaths. for one min everyday.

#3 Stretch. You are designed to move and you are designed to stretch just five min everyday could make a dramatic difference. want to know how head to https://rejuvinatecolchester.com/howto/

#4 Meditate. This doesn’t have to be scary or a long time. For just 1 min I want you to sit put big smile on your face and imaging your favourite memory, favourite person something that makes you happy… try it you’ll be astounted

#5 MOVE yep move. Your body and mind maybe even your soul needs you to move. It lubricates your connective tissue or myofascial tissue. Try this get up and touch your toes… see where you get to . Then massage both feet under the arch towards the heel for at least a min. then touch your toes… did you go further If you did its because you released the tissues that allowed more movement.

Want to offer wellness sessions through work then please do let them. this is a great way to care for staff wellness and optimization. The great thing about online is that we can connect anywhere.

Stay safe Alex