Corporate Wellness

So regardless of size one of the most important assets a company has is its staff. Its one of your biggest investments and one you need to nurture and allow to flourish.

However that can be difficult as staff encompasses human beings with there varied levels of stress, life and health issues. So with sickness costing the UK 77.5Billion a year.

Prevention is going to be better than cure and the wellness of your staff often incurs a great side effect of better productivity and better staff retention. Which in turn saves on your outgoings. Staff enrichment is an essential part of any organisation

So how can I help support your business

Virtual wellness

Yes Virtual wellness sessions is the latest in corporate care. Your teams spend time learning how to counteract stress, and muscular issues. learning simple techniques to empower them as we learn simple routines that the best fit for the individual

In a world where now many are home working and connection and rapport is more difficult to achieve it is now easier than ever to deliver a sense of care and loyalty to your staff. Using Virtual wellness sessions we can take a broad spectrum to guide employees through basic self massage, trigger points, stretching, wellness as well as mindfulness techniques. We can work in teams and take a broad spectrum to self care or work on induvial needs in 1-2-1 sessions.

Examples of sessions

Virtual wellness 1-2-1
  • In a therapist led session we go through a in depth consultation then focus on your needs creating bespoke outcomes and routines specific
virtual wellness group sessions
Small groups
  • Covering broad or specific issues from
  • lower back or neck pain through to headaches and stress

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