Musings from my treatment couch

“You said stretching would help my pain…. but I don’t know how to!“

Stretching is one on the best things you can do for muscle pain, aches or general discomfort. My best friend and I were talking recently about a condition he suffers with. I was trying to be a good friend and help so I uttered my favourite mantra about stretching. He turned to and said “Continue reading ““You said stretching would help my pain…. but I don’t know how to!“”

Is your psychology affecting your back pain.

So your psychology may be effecting your muscles more than your aware. Did you know that your emotion and physical reactions are stored within your muscle memory. Every action and reaction has a parasympathetic memory link Even back in time, traditional Chinese medicine has evidence of these psychological reactions being connected down to physical phenomenaContinue reading “Is your psychology affecting your back pain.”


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