Remote wellness case study

Let me tell you about Louise. A middle aged woman with three children. Who is currently suffering with extreme undiagnosed back pain. Louise has been kind enough to let me share our journey together as a case study on the pros and cons of online wellness therapy. Some call it self care, some it’s basedContinue reading “Remote wellness case study”

“You said stretching would help my pain…. but I don’t know how to!“

Stretching is one on the best things you can do for muscle pain, aches or general discomfort. My best friend and I were talking recently about a condition he suffers with. I was trying to be a good friend and help so I uttered my favourite mantra about stretching. He turned to and said “Continue reading ““You said stretching would help my pain…. but I don’t know how to!“”

5 Top stretches to help sciatica.

Sciatica can be a painful and debilitating condition. So here are my 5 top tips to add to your toolbox. My first stretch would be laying on your back knees bent. Place ankle over knee grasp your hands around the bent leg in the floor and gently pull it towards yourself. Hold between 30 secondsContinue reading “5 Top stretches to help sciatica.”

Saturday morning dawned and pain was my alarm call

This morning I woke in pain. Yep that thing that I help people navigate. I HATE admitting I get pain. Because of my job I laboured under the very stupid illusion that as I try to help people I shouldn’t suffer with pain. I mean how STUPID. It made me feel embarrassed to confess thatContinue reading “Saturday morning dawned and pain was my alarm call”

Treatment at rejuvinate in a Covid 19 Secure world

In this open letter I hope to reassure you about how your treatment will look as we move forward Dear You,Soft tissue therapists are now able to return to work but there will be some changes in howyour appointment will proceed in order to continue to prevent the spread ofinfection.I list below some of theContinue reading “Treatment at rejuvinate in a Covid 19 Secure world”

Is your psychology affecting your back pain.

So your psychology may be effecting your muscles more than your aware. Did you know that your emotion and physical reactions are stored within your muscle memory. Every action and reaction has a parasympathetic memory link Even back in time, traditional Chinese medicine has evidence of these psychological reactions being connected down to physical phenomenaContinue reading “Is your psychology affecting your back pain.”

Has lockdown given you a pain in the Bum?

Has lockdown given you a pain in the bum? Yep or the shoulder, leg not to mention that annoying headache? Yes! from the joy of working from home or schooling the kids ( or in our case getting the kids through another day!) The new exercise routine or worse the lack of exercise routine. TheContinue reading “Has lockdown given you a pain in the Bum?”

Lower back pain can happen to anyone!

So I hate to admit that I have injuries! But never less the joy of being human means that injuries occur. The other day as stretching my beautiful daughter mistook me for a trampoline. It was a painful outcome. I have a weakness already from carrying twins. So bang… injury. Ice pack attached after theContinue reading “Lower back pain can happen to anyone!”