Let me introduce myself – my name is Alex Woolf and I’m a complimentary and clinical massage therapist specialising in the navigation and management of pain.

Pain is quite frankly a PAIN and can be so life debilitating.

I have personal experience of exactly how pain can cause ongoing programmes and in fact the initial cause of pain can go on to cause further pain in your world.

I don’t want you to experience that (or continue to experience that). As a result of my own personal experience it became my mission to use my knowledge and education to work on the strategy and tactics that you can use in order to navigate the difficulties you experience with pain and associated pain.

You may feel frustrated that you have tried everything and nothing has “fixed” you or you simply may want to try another way. Let me assure you there are many techniques and other ways.

Whether your dealing with chronic conditions , muscular pain, menopause or pregnancy we can navigate it together.

Its’s incredibly important to me that this a collaborative experience for you and that I support and educate you so you can help yourself.

I work in and around Colchester, Essex. But also advise clients across the country online.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can dive into exactly what would support your journey beyond where you’re feel stuck.

My Background….
I am blessed to have built a wealth of knowledge over the years. Having qualified originally as a beauty therapist twenty six years ago. I under took a long journey of education, qualifying in a number of therapies but specializing in sports development and holistic therapy. Now concentrating on clinical pathologies with the Jing Advanced Massage School. Having had a varied career in five star spas across the UK and in New York state. I settled into the joy of owning my own concern.
Through different tribulations the business ​evolved as I took a more educational role.
After returning to work having given birth to my twins, a natural restructuring occurred within my business. Leading to its rebirth as rejuvenate a mobile therapy service in Colchester Essex.
A chance for me to impart my knowledge. Allowing people to get the best from themselves and learn new skills to rejuvenate .

Since having my children it has opened a whole new passion on how the body works has unfolded for me…. Which has lead me to specialize in the core muscle group. I was misdiagnosed for over a year, before researching the information I needed in Canada and a postpartum specialist opened my eyes to how the core muscles are under valued in everyone’s lives.

So my new learning curve began, on top of my busy world. If I can find time for me then you can too.
I recently have decided to add another branch to my business tree in the role of child lead yoga and peer to peer story massage. This is a great system to empower our children to become both bodily and mental aware and give them tools to help take control of there emotions. I believe in empowering ourselves with knowledge to set us free from what we perceive to be our barriers. Humans are incredible and Anything is achievable…
Stay safe Alex

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