“You said stretching would help my pain…. but I don’t know how to!“

Stretching is one on the best things you can do for muscle pain, aches or general discomfort.

My best friend and I were talking recently about a condition he suffers with. I was trying to be a good friend and help so I uttered my favourite mantra about stretching.

He turned to and said “ so how do you stretch?” It floored me. “What do you mean” I said. I thought everyone knew how to stretch. It a natural urge. You wake up your body wants to move…. to STRETCH”

“ I know what you mean by stretching but how?

So I stopped myself going into chapter and verse about haven’t you seen any of my free videos or looked at by my book?

I thought maybe he’s not alone I have been so wrapped up by twenty six years of being a therapist that I had sunk in the curse of knowledge.

So let’s get back to basics.

A muscle cannot stretch! Yep it’s impossible.

Muscles are designed to contract. They work mainly in pairs or groups. So to achieve a stretch you have activate its partner or partners into contraction.

Stretching is good for you and your body because is it increases flexibility, aids blood flow that then incorporates the immune system. It helps your joint mobility and reduces the chances of delayed muscle soreness.

Stretching helps the connective tissue or myofasical.

Myofasical tissue is fascinating and I could get very excited about how it effects you and your body ( like a kid waiting for Christmas excited!). It’s an incredible part of the body that medical science has been dismissing up to around approximately fifteen years ago. Yes when I trained we were told to ignore it. Know the science shows that not only is this tissue the web that weaves the body together but how, if you become out of balance it can clearer impact and cause pain to other areas. ( but I digress.)

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5 Top stretches to help sciatica.

Sciatica can be a painful and debilitating condition. So here are my 5 top tips to add to your toolbox.

  1. My first stretch would be laying on your back knees bent. Place ankle over knee grasp your hands around the bent leg in the floor and gently pull it towards yourself. Hold between 30 seconds and 1 min. Repeat on the other leg.
  2. Sitting on a chair to a seated position placing the ankle over the knee pull the bent knee towards the body and hold for 30sec then gently push it away and hold for 30 sec repeat on the other leg.
  3. On the floor on all fours ( crawling position) take one leg and put it between yours arms and hips. Slide the back leg away and “sit” This us known a pigeon in yoga and is great for the sciatica nerve to release.
  4. Hamstring stretch lay on your back put a towel around your ankle and gently pull your leg towards you. Keeping the knee slightly bent and pushing the opposite leg into the ground. Hold for 30 seconds to 1 minute repeat on the opposite leg.
  5. Spinal twist. Stand knees slightly bent and hip width apart. Attempt to keep your hips facing forward and twist your top half from one side to the other. Do 10- 15 twists on each side.

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Saturday morning dawned and pain was my alarm call

This morning I woke in pain. Yep that thing that I help people navigate. I HATE admitting I get pain. Because of my job I laboured under the very stupid illusion that as I try to help people I shouldn’t suffer with pain. I mean how STUPID. It made me feel embarrassed to confess that I picked up a sports injury or that I didn’t recover from childbirth as quickly as my inner critic thought I should.

The reality is I am human. I am a human being having a human experience and pain is apart of that woven blanket that depicts life.

Pain in its purest essence is actually trying to be our friend. It’s our protection. It’s like your friend who’s telling you bad news but instead of dealing with the issue we want to shoot the messenger! It’s just sometimes it gets too loud or too aggressive and needs help to be controlled like a toddler on a meltdown.

So this morning I awoke and attempted to move and in my head I heard “oh S*** I can’t move. Followed by my inner critic say “some therapist you are can’t even get out of bed without pain. How the hell are you ever going to help people!“ It was not quite the zen start I was hoping for….

So after a few moments of wallowing I decided to challenge myself. “ You have a vast tool box get yourself out of this predicament!”

As I love a challenge I spent a good twenty minutes self massaging, working on trigger points and stretching. My muscles eased by colon relaxed and ah bliss the pain eased from an eight out of ten to a two! A blissful manageable two.

Learning about you is so vital not just for pain control but also your wellness.

So here are my top three tips for helping navigate your muscular pain

  1. Breathe. Really yes I want you to breathe. With intention and actually connect to your body and your mind. Slow full amazing breaths that fill and expand your lungs.
  2. Hydrate. Ideally water. Check how much fluid your taking on board. The simple step of just valuing yourself enough to hydrate it can be a game changer. That being said I don’t want you to down a two litre bottle of water straight out off. I want you to take stock of what you drink then add 250mls every week. Yes every week. Let’s treat your body to allowing it to trust in you and that it can rely on you to enhance its operational functions.
  3. Stretch. Also a natural need of our bodies that is ignored by many but stretching in its simplest form is the equivalent of you wringing out a cloth when your cleaning. It make the cloth more efficient.

Want to get more specific results for your unique needs don’t forget I do free discovery calls so you can get advice specifically with you mind https://rejuvinatecolchester.com/online-services/

Treatment at rejuvinate in a Covid 19 Secure world

In this open letter I hope to reassure you about how your treatment will look as we move forward

Dear You,
Soft tissue therapists are now able to return to work but there will be some changes in how
your appointment will proceed in order to continue to prevent the spread of
I list below some of the changes you can expect.

Firstly, if you are experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms, please postpone or cancel your

I maybe be taking your temperature upon arrival and there will also be a consent
form to complete regarding your exposure to Covid-19.

If you are considered a high-risk client, it may not be possible to massage you at this time but feel free to discuss this with me.
If you are a first-time client, your initial consultation will take place via telephone or videoconferencing, rather than during your appointment.

If you are an existing client there will be a short update consultation, via telephone of videoconferencing, prior to your appointment to discuss your needs and any Covid-19 issues. All consultation and consent documents should be signed or emailed beforehand.
Please have your own pen as I am not allowed to supply one.
If you have a face mask, please wear this but if you don’t, I will supply you
with one to wear throughout your treatment (we do not know if this will be
necessary yet).
Upon my arrival, I will be putting shoe coverings on. I will be wearing personal protective equipment which includes a mask, gloves and apron.
Do not be concerned about the use of gloves, it will not affect your treatment. (This information may change as the situation regarding use of PPE is fluid).
The treatment will continue as usual.
When the treatment is over, I will carefully remove linens and clean my couch.

It is also recommended that you register for the NHS Track and Trace app when it becomes
available to maintain our safety. Payment can be made prior to
the appointment via Direct Transfer online booking or contactless payment is

available. If you have to pay with cash, please have the correct money and place it in the
supplied envelope.
Please note appointment availability will be restricted to two people a day
I look forward to welcoming you back to the practice

Is your psychology affecting your back pain.

So your psychology may be effecting your muscles more than your aware.

Did you know that your emotion and physical reactions are stored within your muscle memory. Every action and reaction has a parasympathetic memory link

Even back in time, traditional Chinese medicine has evidence of these psychological reactions being connected down to physical phenomena in the body. For example if you are said to have the world on your shoulders then you would expect someone to have tight shoulders.

In the case of anger you are said to be “liverish“ which an emotion TMC connects to the liver.

Often people can have deep release of emotion when receiving treatments, this a good healing reaction of release of emotional memory.

Trauma can be stored in the body for years, even decades. Or you can start to become aware of discomfort in your body without consciously being aware of stress in your life.

TCM mapped out emotional zones throughout the body but in the case of the back for example shoulders or connected to outside

  • Shoulders connected to outside pressure
  • Between the shoulders internal analysing
  • Kidneys are connected to a sense of fear
  • Lower back pain is associated with a lack of grounding or feelings of uncertainty / lack of direction.

Whether it is body or mind ourselves are always giving clues to any discord or dis-ease within our systems. The object for the owner is to being able to listen to them and act accordingly to bring harmony to the whole.

Want to learn more why not head to my website where you can discover freebies and how to videos or connect to the regular newsletter or whynot hop into my cyber clinic for your free consultation.


Stay safe


Why should I Stretch?

So why should you bother to stretch?

Anyone who has ever entered into a conversation with me will possibly tell you I am a bit of a stretch bore! I am passionate about stretching.

Why? Because its simple, effective and makes you feel great!

Stretching is great for

❤Increasing flexibility

❤Increasing our joints range of motion

❤improving our performance in physical activities

❤increasing blood flow to your muscles

❤Improving your posture

❤Helping to heal and prevent muscular pain

❤Is great for stress relief

❤Can calm your mind

It doesn’t have to be complicated. I have found over my career that simplicity is always best. As humans we like to complicate but to get effective results its always best to simplify.

I am not a sports person so I don’t have to stretch!

Wrong. Stretching has benefits for everyone at any age!

This morning you got out of bed (I presume) and you missed this miracle. This incredible thing happens every single movement you take. In fact every function that involves a muscle, whether you consciously decide to move or your even your heartbeats.

When you move an enormous chemical reaction occurs and BANG! your receptors fire that causes a chain reaction and hundreds of thousands of fibres contract. They in consequence heave and a contraction occurs that allows movement or even LIFE….and you took it for granted.

We walk around in this ingenious body and the only time we become aware is when feel it fails us.

Remember that muscles can only contract. So in general they work in pairs or groups. So to stretch one muscle you are actually contracting its buddy or buddies.

YOU ARE A MIRACLE! Just the fact that you exist in outstanding and YOU deserve to SHINE!

It is what you do on consistently that gets your results. If you had an expensive car you probably wouldn’t fill it up with cheap fuel. You probably would polish it a lot and take pride in its very existence.

So there is You. You are a thoroughbred, you deserve to be treated well be others but most importantly BY YOURSELF! That doesn’t mean preening yourself in the mirror but by keeping hydrated, deep breathing exercises, eating a balanced diet as you can. Moving when possible and Stretching

We are naturally developed to stretch, babies will naturally stretch after sleep to prep the body. Its just habit and routine that stops this natural urge to feel connected to self.

There are lots of types of stretching

Static – holding a position for a period of time

Ballistic – bouncing stretch not as used as it used to be as you need good control for this one

Dynamic moving stretches where you go into stretch hold for 2 sec

Passive is where you are taken into a stretch by somebody else

PNF Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation is a advance technique used by therapists to aid correction in the body

STR Static release like PNF but a in a different modulation

Most people are aware of three Dynamic, ballistic and static.

5 tips to stretching

You only need 10 mins a day

Do it everyday to feel a benefit. You could do stretching every time you boil a kettle for your cuppa tea! It all adds up

If you do 10 mins everyday you will have archived over 59 hours in a year!

Listen to your body! Only go to where you feel the stretch. If your body is screaming at you give a break we are not a believer of the whole no pain no gain theory.

Hold a stretch for at least 30 sec to 60 sec if you are doing a static

You can stretch anywhere. Yes I do… I am often seen stretching in public… what else can you do whilst your queuing!

Stay safe Alex

If you’d like to know more I have a great Vbook with simple stretching which is more than a book, its a system. When you purchase it you get access to my private stretching group and once a month access to ask me what you need to support yourself and thrive. .https://rejuvinatecolchester.com/v-books/

Has lockdown given you a pain in the Bum?

Has lockdown given you a pain in the bum? Yep or the shoulder, leg not to mention that annoying headache?

Yes! from the joy of working from home or schooling the kids ( or in our case getting the kids through another day!) The new exercise routine or worse the lack of exercise routine. The comfort eating, lack of sleep or stress and worry that surrounds our current existence.

What can I do to help you I hear you say …… I can’t give you hands on treatment but guess what, I am more than my hands!

At the start of this pandemic I had know idea how I was going to help my amazing clients and how I was going to keep my business a float. Then this amazing thing happened.

The fore runners in my industry embraced technology and went online.

Online! are you kidding me!

Online! how the hell will that help me. I love my treatments!

Using online and now the ability to offer social distance I can impart sessions where we go through what is happening with you. Working together we will unravel the issues you are facing in your wellness and strive for big breakthroughs

Unlike hands on treatment what you gain from therapy led sessions is knowledge and empowerment. It means that you end up with a bank of information specific for you and the abilities to help yourself.

So how are you?

Are you working from home? Cramped on to a small desk attempting to work without being distracted by the household?

Are you trying to stay calm through the joys of home schooling and happiness that comes with being in close proximity to the ones you love.

How are you shoulders, back, neck and even bum?

Have you been enjoying a new exercise routine and over worked those legs?

Would you like to sleep better, feel less anxious ?

Would you like to learn how to massage yourself or even better get someone in your house to give you a treatment that lasts more than five minuets?

Are you trying to work and having constant interruptions and feeling your stress levels going up?

Are you getting bored with online quizzes and what some more pamper time with your friends?

I can help.

Virtual wellness sessions

So after initial consultation we will evaluate your needs and make a plan of ten to fifteen min self care routine that you can use to support yourself and we cater for your needs and adapting as we follow your progress

We can work on the Jing protocols of fix in six where we would aim to see initial reduction at around week three.

We will look at varied techniques like Myofascial, different stretches, core exercises, hydration, trigger point therapy and self massage. You will gain self optimisation. Adapting to your needs and growth.

Group sessions

In group classes we will tackle different subjects like sleep, menopuase, Plantar fasciatius, lower back pain, headaches. stress

Six week classes that will englighten and support you.

Online workshops.

Gather your friends and get to enjoy each others company  without leaving the home. Your workshop your choice.

From skin care to foot care not to mention simple back massage. Just because your home it doesn’t mean you can’t feel pampered!

So to leave to I want to give you

5 wellness tips

#1 stay hydrated! For you to function well your body needs fluid, water ideally but if we can get you to drink non alcoholic drinks then you will feel amazing

#2 Breath – yes you read that right breath. Slow deep connected breaths. for one min everyday.

#3 Stretch. You are designed to move and you are designed to stretch just five min everyday could make a dramatic difference. want to know how head to https://rejuvinatecolchester.com/howto/

#4 Meditate. This doesn’t have to be scary or a long time. For just 1 min I want you to sit put big smile on your face and imaging your favourite memory, favourite person something that makes you happy… try it you’ll be astounted

#5 MOVE yep move. Your body and mind maybe even your soul needs you to move. It lubricates your connective tissue or myofascial tissue. Try this get up and touch your toes… see where you get to . Then massage both feet under the arch towards the heel for at least a min. then touch your toes… did you go further If you did its because you released the tissues that allowed more movement.

Tell me more, head to https://rejuvinatecolchester.com/online-services/ for more information and to book your discovery consultation or if you want to book now https://app.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php?owner=19873552

Stay in touch https://rejuvinatecolchester.com/keep-informed/

Want to offer wellness sessions through work then please do let them. this is a great way to care for staff wellness and optimisation. The great thing about online is that we can connect anywhere.

Stay safe Alex

Your pain and the Trauma cycle

We have all been there pain comes to the body so we slow or stop then more pain so we stop more but still there is pain


The trauma cycle. Basically an initial stress or injury occurs so inflammation and pain results so we slow down and stop moving which slows the healing process and increases inflammation making us more vulnerable to stress or trauma and around we go again.

It’s a viscous cycle

So what can you do? That depends on what and where your pain is eminating from.

Your mind will instinctively want to protect you from pain it will stop you moving in a particular way or tell you you can’t do something

Find the right tools for you. There are lots of things you can do from mindset to physical therapy, self help and self care to guided navigation.

If you need a chat about what support I can give you, why not book a free discovery call or look on my website for lots of free tools, support and videos.

Lower back pain can happen to anyone!

So I hate to admit that I have injuries! But never less the joy of being human means that injuries occur. The other day as stretching my beautiful daughter mistook me for a trampoline. It was a painful outcome. I have a weakness already from carrying twins. So bang… injury.

Ice pack attached after the tears subsided. Then a constant analytical review of my injuries. Which led to a drs visit and an X-ray just to be certain. Then back to a mixture of ice. Rest. Movement. My husband being directed on how to stretch me. Followed by a deep tissue massage. Yes I make a dreadful patient.
But I am healing well. It reminds me of what my clients are going through. Even though an individuals situation is there’s. It’s good to be reminded just how hopeless and scared pain can leave you in. Despite that I still feel some pain is your friend. It’s our bodies way of caring for us and stopping us making things worse. The tough thing is trying to keep body motion as normal as possible. So on with the healing

Whats deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage.

What is it and how can it help me?

Massage is often seen as a self indulgent, luxury treatment. That however is not the case Whilst there is a plethora of massage styles and types in the world most people will be familiar with Swedish massage. However deep tissue massage is often packaged in a variety of names so it is often called sports, remedial or clinical massage.

Deep tissue massage is a therapy that works on not only the top layer of muscle but also the deeper more structural muscles so it works on a many levels. It’s a therapy that is designed to help the body cope with soft tissue issues. Whether they are a degenerative or a outside force causing breakages in fibres through wear and tear, complications or stress.

This massage technique can aid arthritic, fibromyalgia and bursitis, just a few conditions though to whiplash and over-use issues. muscle soreness even migraines and headaches.Deep tissue massage has developed use of a variety of techniques from direct pressure to indirect, encompassing dynamic movement to stillness and stretching.

Techniques include:

Trigger pointing a technique designed to target trigger points mapped through the body that relates to pain

Fascia release: working with the fascia, this is the connective tissue that surrounds everything and works like a lubricant to allow items to slide and move as well as being a supportive role.

NMT or MET both similar they allow the therapist to release the muscles whilst using isometric movement

Stretching is often used to increase the muscles to reduce pain and increase healing.

Hot and cold therapy. Cold and heat can aid in healing and working as an effective analgesic

Regardless of technique, massage has so many benefits to the individual it’s hard to understand why it would be considered a luxury instead of a necessity.

Some of the benefits include:

Lowers blood pressure

Aids muscle, tendon and ligament healing

Relieve stress

Relieve postoperative pain

Reduce anxiety

Manage low-back pain

Help fibromyalgia pain

Reduce muscle tension

Enhance exercise performance

Relieve tension headaches

Sleep better

Ease symptoms of depression

Improve cardiovascular health

Reduce pain of osteoarthritis

Improve balance in older adults

Decrease rheumatoid arthritis pain

Promote relaxation

Lower blood pressure

Decrease symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Help chronic neck pain

Lower joint replacement pain

Increase range of motion

Decrease migraine

Aid healing with scar tissue breakdown

I am passionate about this therapy. It is not only a science but an art form. The treatment is completely bespoke and authentic to the individual. The wonderful thing about any massage, as my tutor once said “is that it is like a snowflake completely individual and can not be recreated.” Massage is about the individual and helping release tension, recalibrate and recover. It’s not about self indulgence but purely about self care and maintenance. It is in my eyes as important as drinking water, having a balanced diet and regular exercise.

Take care Alex