Welcome to rejuvinate

How are you today?

If you have landed here there’s a big chance that your in some form of discomfort or pain.

Maybe lower back tension , headaches, pregnancy discomfort or post partum recovery, neck and shoulder issues, sciatica as well as whiplash to name but a few issues I have worked with in past few decades.

Or maybe you have scar that is causing refered discomfort or pain or the adhesions are fiberous tissues are causing you discomfort or trauma and so your tryoing to seek some assitance to help your body with its healing process.

Your body is either whispering it needs some help or its screaming at you!

There is dis-ease

Or you may have been listening to your body, mind and soul and want to gain trust in yourself before the storm lands.

I use a variety of skill sets from trigger points, myofascial work to clinical shiatsu and stretching through to deep tissue massage and stress aiding therapies like reflexology and prescribed facials.

I have a great desire to impart a tool box of specific techniques to empower you to achieve your desired results and goals.


Your treatment options?

Regardless of whether you choose to see me in my virtual treatment room or in person.

We will work together over a period of one session or regular sessions.

Sadly its taken you a while to achieve your current results and it may take a few session to unravel.

We would aim to start to see improvement around treatment three for muscuclar and nerve issues but with ScarWork some improvemnt could be seen within your first session.

I firmly believe in YOU

 Acheiving  a sense of empowerment. The all too sad fact about pain is its ability to erode our belief in self.

This is not about what I can offer you but about me assiting  you to reegain some belief in your body and your self.

Its about your investment in not only the treatment but the short self care we develop specifically tailored to your improvement and goals.

This is a  investment in yourself because you deserve to shine as brightly as you can

 How can I Help?

I specialise  in remedial & sports massage, with a specific positivity towards womens wellbeing concentrating major stages in female health looking to the spectrum of issues women face through out there lives. I love to  take a clinical approach to holistic wellness.

I  also am able to offer wellness coaching as a Jing self care therapist.

With services available  online or in person in the Colchester and surronding area.

Treatments are more than following a set routuine each is bespoike and driven by your goals and desired outcomes.

So where do you want to start at my virtual treatment room or my mobile therapy service?


Virtual treatment room

The great benifit to having a session online is the easy of it. The sessions are about putting your needs  at the centre and giving you the tools and confidence to manage them. The session are as much educational as they are restorative and relaxing.

You are the expert of you.

Only you have the insight of what it is like to be you. Only you have a full and extensive understanding of your full workings. Which is why these virtual sessions are held as a stand alone session or as a combination of modalities to give you so much empowerment and belief  back in yourself.

Chronic pain can be a thief to self confidence and self belief. Pain is exhausting and the effort you have to give can be overwhelming . So learning  tools and understanding could offer a ray of light on a dark day…

rejuvinate mama

rejuvinate mama is my supportive membership for women. It is focused on mum’s but you don’t have to be a mum to join.  As a women your body doesn’t just change yearly or through life patterns of pregnancy or menopause. Its goes through changes monthly. Sadly as women we don’t understand how that can diminish and dis empower or strengths through general functionality to. I know I didn’t understand the true exhaustion and loads I put my body through until I walked the path of motherhood.  No one discussed diatsuss recti or how I could support myself through it. No one discussed endometriosis or peri-menopause. The goal of rejuvinate mama is it empower women no matter what stage or path they follow. From injury to life stages we are stronger together in kindness for ourselves and each other. More coming soon!


I believe in you.

I believe in your bodies ability to be as good as it can be.

As a general rule our holistic self’s ( body, mind and soul) want balance. They want harmony.

So after a extensive consultation where we can dive into whats going on with you and what results you want to achieve. I will offer a treatment that is bespoke to you using a wide variety of treatment modalities in the goal of achieving getting you to where you want to be. Treatments are carried out in the comfort of your home so you can rest, recover and relax without the stresses of getting home.

5 Top stretches to help sciatica.

5 Top stretches to help sciatica.

5 Top stretches to help sciatica. Sciatica can be a painful and debilitating condition. So here are my 5 top tips to add to your toolbox. My first stretch would be laying on your back knees bent. Place ankle over knee grasp your hands around the bent leg in the floor...

Saturday morning dawned and pain was my alarm call

Saturday morning dawned and pain was my alarm call

Saturday morning dawned and pain was my alarm call This morning I woke in pain. Yep that thing that I help people navigate. I HATE admitting I get pain. Because of my job I labored under the very stupid illusion that as I try to help people I shouldn’t suffer with...

Massage ……Why Massage?

So why have a massage  treatment?  Massage has been around for thousands of years. Massage has so many benefits and as more research is coming through and we learn more about how it could assist  each of us. Regardless of if massage is delivered by a second person or by the self its benefits are extraordinary. Touch has such benefits to health we need connection to self and to each other. Your body could hold on to trauma in the soft tissue or the mind can produce pain in the body when its not directly in the tissues.

The treatments I offer involve the whole of you. Its about putting the person at the centre. Its about seeing you not a specific issue its about the why?

You deserve to be empowered, You deserve to feel balanced. You deserve to be YOU

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