Remote wellness case study

Let me tell you about Louise. A middle aged woman with three children. Who is currently suffering with extreme undiagnosed back pain.

Louise has been kind enough to let me share our journey together as a case study on the pros and cons of online wellness therapy. Some call it self care, some it’s based on empowering the self… other focus on remote rehab….

To be honest I don’t really care what it’s called just as long as I get to help people get out of stuck and feel less debilitated by muscular pain.

So currently we are in lockdown and Louise’s stress was fairly high at around a 9 out of 10 scale. She is home schooling three children. Not able to work as her job is on hold due to lockdown and her husband is a key worker. For the past three years Louise has dipped her toe in different therapies to try and alleviate the pain she is feeling in her lower back. She has attempted new exercise regimes. Seen physiotherapists, chiropractors, yoga sessions and even massage. But still her pain arises and she feels out of control and unable to really be not only the mother she wants to be but the woman. She is worried about peri menopausal symptoms and struggles with sleep.

So in our first session after completing a extensive consultation and working through range of motion testing whilst being assisted by her dog in her living room! We discovered just how terrified she is of forward motion. How high her stress levels are and after some talking how alone and isolated she feels from her loved ones. Whom, through no fault of there own (she feels) are unaware of just how much her low back pain stops her from really enjoying life.

We discovered that her pain level is on a good day is around a 5 out of 10. When it’s shoots warning signals it flares to a 9 out of 10.

In this case study we will look at discovering the true benefits to learning techniques of self massage, trigger point work stretching and much more. To a conclusion as to whether results are possible to achieve through online assessments and guidance. Is it truly possible to gain positive outcomes through guidance of therapist online.

After our first session Louise went away with simple home work to attempt in the knowledge that support is just a message away. To start with we looked at breathing and anxiety lowering tools. As well as a simple stretching technique. So this week Louise has a breathing exercise to do morning and night. A stretch to do each morning on waking and a simple technique to use when she feels her anxiety rising.

Join me next week to see how Louise has faired and how we continue through this six week journey.

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