Lower back pain can happen to anyone!

So I hate to admit that I have injuries! But never less the joy of being human means that injuries occur. The other day as stretching my beautiful daughter mistook me for a trampoline. It was a painful outcome. I have a weakness already from carrying twins. So bang… injury.

Ice pack attached after the tears subsided. Then a constant analytical review of my injuries. Which led to a drs visit and an X-ray just to be certain. Then back to a mixture of ice. Rest. Movement. My husband being directed on how to stretch me. Followed by a deep tissue massage. Yes I make a dreadful patient.
But I am healing well. It reminds me of what my clients are going through. Even though an individuals situation is there’s. It’s good to be reminded just how hopeless and scared pain can leave you in. Despite that I still feel some pain is your friend. It’s our bodies way of caring for us and stopping us making things worse. The tough thing is trying to keep body motion as normal as possible. So on with the healing

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