Facials…. why a facial is more than skin deep.

Facials, why  is this treatment act on more than just the skin

So many of us take our largest organ for granted. Until we get a blemish that we don’t like! But your skin is not just crucial for keeping you altogether and presentable its also a great indicator of how your body is coping.

In traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic principles the face is a map of the body and believed to connect with the vital organs of the body. The face has been an indicator of heath for thousands of years . So has the use of acupressure and facial massage to stimulate and calm the energies and nerves that connect to those organs.

So apart form the connection to the body through energies the skin is a sign of how hydrated and how well your body is coping with external environmental factors and internal factors as hormone surges occur in the body as well as dietary factors.
Its apart of your filtration system and shows how well your body is dealing with what you and life through at it.

What is a skin type?

Skin types are just a simple way for product houses to help you choose the correct product for your skin… However none of us conform to a box.

You can be  a oily skin but still be dehydrated. you can have a dry skin and have dehydration too.
Most people think they have a sensitive skin when in reality` they have a sensitized skin. This means the environmental factors around them have affected a function of the skin that is called the acid mantle. This is your defense… a bit like a shield. If you are exposed to a range of environments like heat to cold in the winter this barrier gets weakened and so starts to show signs of sensitivity however you skin isn’t sensitive its sensitized. True sensitive skin types only show in around 10% of the western population.

What do skin products do??

A moisturizer is designed to add a barrier and keep the moisture in your skin in your skin.

A serum general has more potent ingredients which are smaller molecular size so they can effect the deeper levels of the skin and almost act as a fertilizer of the cells as they go through the cells of the epidermis ( the top part of the skin).

A eye cream  Always us a eye cream… The skin around the eye is more delicate and if you apply a eye cream first it will not only aid dark circles and dehydration but also stop your moisturizer flooding the eye socket. Yes cosmetic surgeons have been known to scrape out moisturizer when they have been doing an eye lift!

Exfoliants are an interesting product. try to avoid plastic although there are being banned. You need to find a product that will lift of the skin and not grate it off! Also people get very excited by the feel of a exfoliant they feel that it give a “deep” clean. However you should really avoid exfoliating too much as it will effect your acid mantle. Once to twice a week is enough worth just once a week for skins that have acne or are very oily.
As a side note I personal would advise you to avoid a  gentle daily cleanser and exfoliant as it is just to stimulating for the skin.

Traditionally toner was a astringent that made certain your cleanser was completely of your skin. These days it adds a molecular level of hydration that can the be locked in with your moisturizer.

Cleansers come in a variety of forms from foaming to tractional creams. this is just down to personal preference. Cleanser are designed to remove grease and debris from pollutants and prepare the skin for the other products  as well as clear and sebum from your skin… the sebum is your skins natural lubricant that is designed to act as a moisturizer. However in hormonal increases it can either over produce or not produce enough!

It is advisable to cleanse twice to ensure that the skin ,is properly prepared for the other products.

Why are facials important.
So most would view a facial as a mere luxury a little moment of pampering. I would argue that this is not the case. When you have a facial your therapist assess your skin, an expert eye will choose products on your individual basis for your skin type not just a generic pigeon hole.
A professional treatment will also work on your muscle tone and lymphatic system as well as soothe the nervous system. Its an excellent treatment for stress educed conditions and when performed well will leave you floating on air.
On top of that your skin changes depending on the season. Much like a mammal with a fur we change are skins needs depending on winter or summer which is why certain conditions only occur at certain times of the month. Which at a minimum you should consider a facial at the change of season to ensure that you are ready for what the environmental conditions will throw at you!

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