Rebalance: Wellness comes from

the balance of body mind and soul

Re-educate: Education is the key

building block to self awareness

and self envelopment.

Rejuvenate: The human body is on

a constant quest of renewal , its our job

to give it the best platform to revive

Alex Woolf

Welcome to rejuvinate

How are you today?

If you have landed here there’s a big chance that your in some form of discomfort or pain.

Maybe lower back tension , headaches, pregnancy discomfort or post partum recovery, neck and shoulder issues, sciatica as well as whiplash to name but a few issues I have worked with in past few decades.

Your body is either whispering it needs some help or its screaming at you! There is dis-ease or you may have been listening to your body, mind and soul and want to gain trust in yourself before the storm lands.

I use a variety of skill sets from trigger points, myofascial work to clinical shiatsu and stretching through to deep tissue massage and stress aiding therapies like reflexology and prescribed facials.

I have a great desire to impart a tool box of specific techniques to achieve your desired results and goals.

Regardless of whether you choose to see me in my Virtual treatment room or hands on, We will work together over a period of regular sessions, as I like to follow the Jing advance massage protocol of “fix in six”.

Sadly its taken you a while to achieve your current results and it will take a few session to unravel. We would aim to start to see improvement around treatment three. I firmly believe in you feeling a sense of empowerment. The all too sad fact about pain is its ability to erode our belief in self. This is not about what I can offer you but about me giving you back that belief in your body and your self. its about your investment in not only the treatment but the short self care we develop specifically tailored to your improvement and goals. The investment in yourself because you deserve to shine as brightly as you can

I specialise in wellness coaching as a Jing self care therapist , predominantly online but also treatments are available in person in the Colchester area. Treatments are more than a single session they are a combination of involved consultation, treatment and after care.

So where do you want to start at my virtual treatment room or my mobile therapy service

What people say…….

Tom recommends rejuvinate therapy.

19 January 2019 ·

If you want first class treatment by an incredibly skilled and intuitive therapist then look no further. After many years of trusting the dedication and insight that is applied to my treatments by Alex, I simply would never go anywhere else. Totally awesome and very highly recommended


Susan recommends rejuvinate therapy.

30 May 2019 ·

I saw Alex for years – she was the best therapist I had ever been to. Sadly, I had to move away, and I have still never found anyone who matches up to her, after many years of trying. Highly recommended to anyone who is lucky enough to live near her!

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