“Health is a state of body

Wellness is a state of being”

J Stanford

Currently due to Covid 19 Services are suspended

During the current times of Covid 19 services are suspended

Being a wellness business obviously the health of our clients and society are vitally important. To stop the reproductive rate services are suspended. However online consults and digital products are still available. Obviously I am just a text or email away if you have any concerns I am here to support you.

I am also offering 1-2-1 and group Therapist led self care sessions. Get a toolbox of how to specific for your needs from my library of knowledge from both western and eastern practices. I am here to support you.

Stay safe Alex

Welcome to rejuvinate

This is your space to learn about what I can offer and how I can help you.

rejuviante is a mobile based therapy service designed to

  • Rebalance: using a combination of bespoke therapies and self care to aid your equilibrium
  • Re educate: empowering you to understand the methods on to how to unlock your wellness
  • Rejuvenate: my greatest wish for you is to shine in a holistic sense of self

So Welcome and where would you like to start?

rejuvinate Kids

In rejuvenate Mama we look at everything from pre to post pregnancy care, self care and how to find time for YOU To kids yoga seesion and story massage with your mini me

rejuviante Home

Need advice but not sure you want hands on therapy?rejuvinate at home is your chance to get your hands on some great how to advice, join my members or get on a 1-2-1 call.

rejuvinate Sports

rejuvinate Sport is about YOU and your goals. So if it is a injury or niggle or post workout care go here to see all the different options available to support you in achieving your goals.

Tom recommends rejuvinate therapy.

19 January 2019 ·

If you want first class treatment by an incredibly skilled and intuitive therapist then look no further. After many years of trusting the dedication and insight that is applied to my treatments by Alex, I simply would never go anywhere else. Totally awesome and very highly recommended


Susan recommends rejuvinate therapy.

30 May 2019 ·

I saw Alex for years – she was the best therapist I had ever been to. Sadly, I had to move away, and I have still never found anyone who matches up to her, after many years of trying. Highly recommended to anyone who is lucky enough to live near her!